Reflection Paper - "A Connection with Religion"

Kennedy, "Shakespare's King Lear" -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

Reflection paper for Kennedy, "Shakespeare's King Lear"

I found this article to make an interesting connection with the play entitled, King Lear. In the text it stated, “The Green Man, his head crowned with leaves, weeds, or flowers, is one of the most incontestably pre-Christian images of British history.” As soon as I read this in the text, I thought of Jesus wearing the thorn hat on his head. This is a strong image that can be perceived from the quote. After reading Jenna’s blog entry about this quote, she stated that it did not make sense that Cordelia had Christlike attributes. Cordelia loved her father even when he did wrong in the beginning and she died in the end when he was there. This forgivingness can be connected with Jesus dieing for all of our sins. I think that this is a good point to make because you can refer the good and Christlike figure with Cordelia.

Reference: Jenna Miller's Blog Entry: Green Man

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