Reflection Paper - "Death without Closure?"

After reading throughout the play I was shocked as to how many people died in the last scene of King Lear. I wrote in my blog entry about how the story does not end as a fairy tale, but as a tragedy. After reading Bethany Merryman’s blog entry, I noticed that she mentioned the same connection that I noticed with the conclusion of the story. She stated, “In theory it is happily ever after, but it can’t be after almost all the good guys die…could it? I responded by saying that I don’t think it is happy because there are not many people left except for a few (Kent, Albany, Edgar, etc.). On one hand, most would say that the two mean daughters got what they deserved in the end, but on the other hand, some would say that there is no one really good left. It is interesting to see how Cordelia was good in the beginning, but in the end she still received death. The entire play was interesting, but Bethany made a good connection by stating that this type of conclusion leaves the reader to decide whether it was a good ending or not.

Reference: Bethany Merryman's Blog Entry - Sweet Yet Tart

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