Religion and Literature!

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Kennedy, "Shakespare's King Lear" -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"Scholars have noted Cordelia's Christlike attributes, seen Lear as Job, found attributes of Christiian Stoicism, and have also read a morality play."

I thought this was interesting because it pointed out how Cordelia represented a Christ figure. I never thought of her that way because I was just thinking that she was the good in the play. It is very true that she seems to be a Christ figure because in the beginning she doesn't say what her father wants her to say and in the end she dies in her father's arms. This imagery is very vivid to me becuase it makes a strong conneciton with religion.

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I agree, I hate to say this as well, but because Cordelia is a women I didn't imagine her as a Christ like figure. I am not sure if most people do this as well, but I feel that I look for the Christ characteristics in male characters more than the female characters.

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