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After playing the games entitled, "September 12" and "Madrid" I thought isn't it terrible that terrorism is even in games. But then I realized that it is being used to teach us about joining together and stopping these deadly acts. When playing "September 12" I tried to only target the bombs on the terroists, but a larger area would blow up and destroy more. This is similar to the reality of the War on Terror because the men and women of the army have to encounter these types of things everyday. The second game gave me a sense of comfort because it showed how people from all over the world have united and joined together in a candle light ceremony. When lighting the candles I noticed that they would burn out before you could light them all. This shows how people in real life don't stay united when we should.

Do you believe that these games are teaching tools and developed to bring people together? Or is it just a video game that shows the realities of the 21st century?


Hm... did you actually see a "You Lose" screen in Madrid?

I had similar experiences with the two games. The message was pretty clear in both of the. Terrorism exists, and i guess its away for people to epress how they feel about teh subject, weather its the right way or not. And it is true that the candles never stay lit, people unit but never permanitly, only tempory it seems. Anywayz i agree with what you said here.

Dr. Jerz,

I played the game again and still havn't came across the "You Lose" screen. I'm not sure why? I noticed the "You must keep trying" screen which I referred to as not giving up and joining together as people of the world.

I didn't actually *say* there was a "You Lose" screen. You wrote "they would burn out before you could light them all," which you interpreted as a negative message. But what does the game say when you give up and stop clicking the candles?

That you must keep trying. And I believe it means we should never give up on coming together and accepting everyone in the world.

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