Advertising - Bogost Continued...

Quote: "There are three important types of advertising that can particpate in such persuasion games: demonstrative, illustrative, and associative advertising" (Bogost 153).

This quote is interesting because advertising is in everything we see today, from billboards to the internet. The definitions of these three types of advertising can be interrelated. "Demonstrative advertising provides direct information, Illustrative advertising communicates indirect information, and associative advertising communiates indirect information, focusing specifically on the intangibles of a product" (Bogost 153-54). Now when comparing these types of advertising into video games I would think that demonstrative advertising would be affective because it is direct. Before the menu of the video game there is always commericals and previews to something. This can also be seen throughout the game also. Just think about "Need for Speed" and the cars that are used. Names such as Mercedes and BMW are all over them, along with very expensive car names too!

Is advertising an important part of video games? This is an interesting question to consider and I would be interested in any comments.

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