An Amazing Conversation

"Galatea offers a conversation" (Galatea)

Before playing the game I thought, "Wow, we can use more than two words when talking to the game." I thought this was important because it allows the player to learn more information. For example, when I types "A life" I got a detailed response back. It talked about growing up and the the different stages including childhood and adolescence. I then typed "A birth" and I got a response that I became invovled in. It was very interesting how her birth was described based on a carving.
The answers seem to have a psychological twist to them. For example, when I type "A birth" the last paragraph states, "But one night he slept in the corner of the stuidio-- I heard him screaming in his sleep. More loudly than usual. And I forgot that I couldn't move, and I just stepped down and woke him." I thought that this response was very interesting. I think of the last sentence as she stepped down and woke him mentally (as in a dream), but not physically.
It is very amazing how these text based games, especially Galatea, allow the player to create a one-on-one experience because she has a response to almost anything. It reminds me of the character being more human because she has moods, background, and memory.

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