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The new games journalism article entitled, “Bow Nigger” is an intriguing review that incorporates an internet conversation during the game Jedi Outcast 2. The beginning of the article shows racial language being used and then it states, “What to do? I circled around him warily.” This article uses an internet chat with reference and detail to the video game Jedi Outcast 2. This observation shows how different new games journalism is compared to traditional game reviews.
In Shanahan’s article it states, “In chat mode you're powerless, like most other games, your typing fingers can't do much about an assault by a conscienceless typekiller.” This quote shows how they are playing the game and chatting also, but emotions are becoming stronger. In Amer Ajami's traditional game review it states, “Of course, not all the characters you'll meet in Jedi Outcast will be friendly.” This quote explains that the characters in the game are unexpected and unique.
The new games journalism article states, “It means that by avoiding 'bad' behaviour you can demonstrate how 'good' you are.” The article is trying to explain that most of the people are good players, but some are there to criticize and play mean. On the other hand, the Gamespot game review focuses on merely the marketing aspect of Jedi Outcast whereas the NGJ article mentions important game issues that can occur.
There is an important difference between a NGJ review and a traditional review because of the information that is given. The NGJ review focuses on non-obvious claims such as the people who do not play nice and personal experience. The traditional game review is a marketing tool that is designed to sell the game and explain what the game offers.

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I totally agree with one of your last statements. NGJ authors do not focus on obvious features rather how you feel when you play the game or when others are unfair. NGJ makes it a very, very personal experience, playing a game that is.

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