Becoming Part of the Culture

Quote: "In the competitive world of business, entrepreneurship produces winnners and losers; utopianism strives for a world where everyone succeeds and harmony abounds" (Laurel 7).

I thought that this quote was very important to consider because it shows that utopianism is striving to have a world where no one fails, but only succeeds. This may not be life-like because everybody wins and loses sometimes, but it is important to focus on the wining aspect instead of losing. With this being said, culture work comes into play because it shows how research leads to understanding and the values in society.
I really enjoyed reading the first half of Utopian Entrepreneur by Brenda Laurel mostly because of how she talks about topics that are talked about today. The use of violence in video games and how there is more computer games for boys than girls. All of these factors are important to consider because it shows the issues of today.
Oh! and how about the Barbie story...everybody seems to think that Barbie is perfect, but is that true? Just as Laurel noted about the story of the lady who had anorexia it is important to understand that everyone is different. Just as Laurel ended on page 65, "Change the stories and you change how people live."

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