Beginnings of Video Games - Reflection

The history of video games is more detailed than I had imagined. From hand-held gaming consoles to the N-Gage there are many options when it comes to video games. After reading Nancy Fry’s blog entry entitled, “History of Video Games” I made a connection. She had stated that she really enjoyed watching, “Tennis for Two” and that happened to be my favorite movie of the three too.
Throughout Nancy’s blog entry she proposes the question about what would video games be like in black and white or with limited graphics. These are questions that I had not thought of before because of how advanced video games are now. She stated, “Would people buy black and white games with full graphics?” I believe that if the game was popular then people would buy it because everyone would have it. I think a lot of video game buying is based on demand because if your friend has it, then you will probably want it. She also stated that she owns an Atari which I have never seen in-real life before. Actually for the first time I saw a picture of one when reading the handout on the history of video games.
I thought that Nancy’s blog entry presented a lot of questions that are good to consider about video games. It is important to understand that video games are very different now compared to many years ago because of technology. The “Tennis for Two” video game seems like it would be a lot of fun to play.

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