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Since Portfolio 1, I have composed 14 blog entries consisting of reflections, in-depth discussions, and papers that have introduced many ideas about the video game world. A previous blog entry called "New Terminology in Video Games" incorporated in Portfolio 1 now lists Brandon's comments and comparison's towards my reactions. My first blog entry for this portfolio focuses on finishing Laurel’s book and is called “What should a video game contain?” and I learned how video games can be derived from movies or books. This blog prompted discussions about virtual reality games and how important they may become in the future. After posting my reflection, “Values in Video Games” Kevin McGinnis posted a comment about video games enforcing values. This is one example that shows interaction between me and another classmate.

My blog entry called “The Role of Women in Video Games” is based on the discussion question about gender and games and shows interaction, in-depth conversations, and coverage of the topic. I presented a thesis about women and how video games present them and then the three day debate and discussion began. The first half of “Half-real” describes games and rules and my blog entry called “What have you learned” explains how I never thought about rules being so important. I had to complete an assignment called “Game Analysis 2” and then I posted it on my blog called “Ex 3: Game Analysis 2.” This prompted a classmate to think about the game Pharaoh as learning and teaching tool.

My next blog called, “Juul's Emergence and Stylization Concept” connects Juul’s definition of emergence and a narrative definition from a literary term book. My reflection called “Video Games and Movies, What a Great Combination! let me think how video games turn into movies or the opposite and I used “Final Fantasy” as an example. I listed links to the trailers on Ashley Farmer’s blog entry called, “Transmedia Culture.” After reading about Newman’s theory I posted a blog called, “What are Ergodic Videogames?” This made me think about non-playing time and “onlookers” in a different way. Darrell posted an early morning comment describing the importance of cut-scenes and movies. Ashley Farmer’s blog entry called “Rules rule the game” made me realize how a classic game model and rules fit into a video game. My reflection blog entry called “The Rules are Pre-Programmed” exhibits this reaction.

The next major project in the class is the research paper and I posted a blog entry incorporating Dr. Jerz’s resources and my initial reactions. My blog entry is called “Research Paper - Gender and Video Games” and links all of the websites and my reactions to this topic. After finishing Juul’s book I found “Time and Projection in Video Games” to be very interesting. This reading made me understand how video games can portray world events in a different meaning by changing the speed of time. My last blog entry so far is called, “Newman and Juul - J-Web Essay #3” and offers my thesis statement about character relationships and the “game world.” All of this information has been preparing me for my research paper on gender in video games.

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As with your previous blog, Derek, you are doing an excellent job not only keeping up with the class material but also staying ahead, sometimes forcing me to scramble--- but that's good, don't slow down on my account!

It's a little harder for me to sort through a portfolio that is arranged chronologically, since I've already experienced your blog chronologically and my goal now is to see how you sort your work according to the criteria I provided. Nevertheless, your blogging is helping you to absorb the material and the feedback you're giving your peers is also helping them. Keep up the good work.

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