Choosing the right words - Reflection

Interactive fiction games are very mind challenging video games because you have to choose the right words. Nancy Fry mentioned in her blog (Interactive Fiction) about what words should she use. This is an important concept that I never thought about until playing the game. I typed, “Walk to the north” at first, but it wouldn’t work so I wrote, “Go north” and that worked. It is very interesting at how particular the text-based game is.
Dr. Jerz posted a website that gives some useful information for communication within these text-based games. Making sure that you use the right type of punctuation is also very important. He also stated in a comment about playing the game with someone else so you can bounce ideas off of each other. I had never thought about using another player for ideas because I didn’t see the multi-player option. This was interesting to me because even though there isn’t that option you can still use another person. It’s like playing single player mode with two people.
This blog entry brought a lot of ideas to mind when playing text adventure video games. It is important to always remember to use the right words in order to continue with the game. Interactive fiction games have there own language which requires you to properly say it.

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