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After watching Strong Bad’s short video on video games I thought it was very interesting. He talked about old graphics, 3-D games, text-based adventures, and photo-realistic games. These are all very important to consider because these were the basic video game graphics and formats. After the movie was over I thought the four games were very interesting. The two that I chose to analyze closely were the Secret Collect and the Rhino Feeder.
The Secret Collect was a basic fun game to play, but each level got somewhat harder. Another interesting concept was that there was a timer and you had to get the secret box before the timer was finished. The levels also contained traps and walls and if you ran into the traps then it would start the level over. In addition, if the timer went to zero then the level would also start over. The second game that I chose was Rhino Feeder which I thought was harder to play than Strong Bad Zone or Secret Collect. It was easy to get the food the first time, but once the snakes came then it was harder to get across. I enjoyed playing it because it let you create that sense of fun adrenaline while playing because you wanted to get the food to the rhino. I thought these were good basic games similar to that of the basic Nintendo games.
I thought that Strong Bad used details about the basic games and graphics and was educational to review. I enjoyed playing the games afterwards because it let you experience the games. There is a lot to learn about video games and I believe it is important to learn the basic games and then the advanced ones.

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