Culture and Video Games

I really liked reading the information handout along with the slide show. Listed below are key points that I found very interesting while reading and watching the slideshow.

1. Slide 16 compares, "The Rise of the Novel" from 1719 with 2003. It was amazing to think that both books look alike and consist of pretty much the same information.
2. From slides 19-34 the pictures from the different movies and TV shows show how similar productions can be. For example, "The Blue Lagoon" can be referred to "LOST" because both shows use islands where the people are lost on. "Cast Away" can also be used as a reference too!
3. Another great comaparison was "Batman" from 1986 and 2005. It's true that fighting and moving around is the same, but the computer graphics are greatly improved. I thought what a difference technology can make.

The topics that we are studying can all be seen within the slideshow. They include all art is constrained, realism is a choice, and art presupposes a critical tradition.

I thought it was important to consider Nancy Fry's blog entry (Bullet point #1) because it is true that cell phones are becoming small portable computers. It is amazing that cell phones allow you to browse the internet, text message, talk to people, check email and much more. On the other hand, GPS devices are just as amazing. They have the ability to talk to you and tell you how to get from point A to point B. I never thought of these devices having the option to play video games on until Nancy presented the idea. It is very true that video games will be able to be played on almost anything in the future (as long as it has a screen). I thought this was a great observation.

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