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After reading Brandon Gnesda’s blog entry entitled, “Ex 2: Game Analysis 1” I found a similar connection. The first game called “September 12th” gave the player an option as Brandon stated about “beginning nor end, and that the user could choose to shoot or not.” This was important to consider because every player has to think about what to do in real-life just as they do in the game. If the player shoots then more terrorists seem to develop and if the player does not do anything then the game is idle.
Brandon stated that once you fired a bomb the number of terrorists would multiply. I had not thought about this before, but then thought it is true in real-life. Many people become so called “copy cats” who want to do what other people did. In most cases the outcome is not good, but this can be referred to why the number of terrorists increased.
The second game called “Madrid” was also very interesting because it seems to teach a lesson about peace. Brandon talked about how he fell short of keeping all of the candles lighted. I had never thought of the game as being set-up for the player to lose, but I can understand it now. The message that appears after you lose tells you to keep trying. It is very important for you to lose because it teaches us not to give up when working towards a good cause.
Both of these games were very interesting to play and I had learned a lot by reading Brandon’s blog entry. Overall, it is important to remember that everyone has a chance to help someone whether they are good or bad.

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