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After reading Koster’s, “A Theory of Fun for Game Design” I had learned a lot of information about video games, fun, theory, and the art incorporated within them. My blog entry was about video games and everyone having a different personality. I was surprised to see that Nancy had also written about how people have different lives and how everyone likes specific games. Her blog entry was entitled, "Koster (Finish)"
Nancy talked about how important it was for Raph Koster to incorporate music, art, and math into the reading. I agreed with her because it allows everyone to connect with the text. The last sentence in Nancy’s blog was very interesting and something I had not thought about. She stated, “Do computer games cause obesity?” That question can be debatable, but my opinion is that it depends on many circumstances. Depending on how long someone sits at the computer, what they eat, and there lifestyle may have an affect on weight gain. It would be interesting to see if there was any research conducted on this topic.
Nancy presented some interesting points in her blog entry that I had not thought of. I think it is important to consider other ideas such as obesity and computer games. Koster’s, “A Theory of Fun” uses music, art, and other topics when talking about video games. Everyone’s lifestyle’s are different and everyone prefers certain video games over others.

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