History of Video Games - Reflection

After completing the Historical Perspective on Video Games assignment I learned a lot of information about movies, video games, and their history. I found “The Rise of the Novel” from 1719 with 2003 to be very interesting because of how similar they both were even though there almost 300 years apart. The pictures of the many different movies were important because they showed how similar movies can be over time. For example, “Cast Away,” “The Blue Lagoon,” and “Lost” are all very similar movies based on an island.
Nancy Fry’s blog entry was very interesting because it gave options to viewing and playing video games. She stated, “Should we add "requires a cell phone?” or “requires a GPS?” for “What is a video game?” This is important to consider because cell phones and GPS devices have screens that are capable of playing video games. Another great point that Nancy noted was, “What if a game does not have rules or scores, is it still a game?” This is a debatable question that I think is good to consider when studying video games. This question could be referred to the tennis game which has no rules and is a simple to play.
After reading Nancy’s blog entry I realized that video games have the ability to be played on anything with a screen. I feel that once new technology is developed then video games will be on cell phones and GPS devices. Games don’t always have to have rules and winners in order to be video games. This blog entry has made me realize the many different options that video games can have.

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