How do I get out? - Reflection

When first reading the instructions before playing the game “Shade” I thought it was interesting it talked about light and dark. These are two important features within the game that the player must figure out as they develop clues. After reading Ashley Farmer’s blog entry entitled, “Shade? Interesting” I thought the method of the game is concept.
Ashley talked about finding the right clues and creating the right imagines in order to succeed in the game. I never thought about it before, but just like mapping you must use the details that the game provides. This is very important to consider in order to continue with the game. Ashley stated that, “you must have a bigger perspective of the world” which is true because you must analyze the information that the game provides you. She also talked about people who have an “eye for detail.” This is something that I had not thought about before either, but makes a lot of sense. For instance, if a person in a relationship is able to pin-point detail then they may be able to tell if there significant other is not being truthful.
After reviewing Ashley’s blog entry I was able to understand that concept and detail are very important parts of playing text-based video games. Being able to use your imagination is a key concept, but understanding the information completely is essential. Whether the apartment is light or dark the player must make the right choices and find the right clues.

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