IF is one of a kind!

"If you're under 38, you're now saying, "Huh?" Text games (or, as some called them, "interactive fiction") were once the most popular electronic games" (Read Game website)

When first reading the article I thought the exact words the quote states. I had never heard about these text or IF games prior to reading and playing one now. I never knew there were so many different kinds of games. After reading the introduction to, "IF: What is it?" I thought this game would be very interesting to play. I was shocked because I never even heard the word "Interactive Fiction" before. The last step was to play the annotated verison of Colossal Cave Adventure. What a new experience it was! I had never played or even seen a game like this before. The first thing I thought about when typing in the game was the movie "LOST." The reason being is because when they are on the island one of the characters finds an underground so called "house" which has supplies, shelter, and a computer. The only thing that they can do on this computer is type in sentences or questions and then after so long they have to type a code in before the alarm goes off. This reminded me of the text adventure game, but I never knew it was called this (until now). Has anyone seen episodes of LOST? or even this particular one when they first find this underground capsule? I think that movies try to incorporate a lot of older technological discoveries such as this text-based computer game.
Now I will talk about how I played the game. First I thought it was somewhat confusing because you have to type what to do and the game responds (I'm glad for the hints). After making it through the forest, the building, and the gate I thought this is a little challenging because what if you didn't know any tips or hints? I can agree with Dr. Jerz when he stated, "I've learned that some people get addicted to this kind of game" because it is true. Once your on your own without any hints it becomes a one-on-one game. I played for about 30 minutes and then decided to stop and write my blog, but I could have stayed on this for a long time.

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