It's amazing how far technology has come or not...

"Ready or not, computers are coming to the people" (Spacewar website)

Isn't this quote very true...It is amazing how advanced technology is compared to many years ago. After reading Dr. Jerz's article on, "History of Games" and then watching the first video entitled, "Maze War" I was shocked! I am amazed at how huge the networked computers and game discs were. I have never seen a game disc that large. It is important to consider the time period (1973) but look how computers and game discs are today. Now, about the game...It was very interesting to me to see that the player had to actually type Maze Run for the game to play. Overall, this game is shows how technology was developing.

Moving onto the next game entitled, "Spacewar." This game would not have attracted my attention compared to "Maze War" or especially "Tennis for Two." Spacewar is approximately 11 years older than "Maze War," but this game reminded me of an early Star Wars game were the spaceship had to maneuver through space and not hit the asteroids.
This next game was my favorite of the three because it kept my attention as the game continued. This was surprising to me because it is the oldest of the three coming in at 1958. This game was called "Tennis for Two" and was not played on a computer, but on a oscilloscope. I never have seen one of these before until now. The most shocking part to me was when I seen the control pad for lauching the tennis ball across the playing field. I agree completely with Dr. Jerz's statement that there was, "No score-keeping, and no way of forcing the players to follow the rules of tennis." Even though this game was so basic without rules or anything, I still found it interesting to watch and I would even play it. I assume it would become uninteresting after a while, but would be fun for the time being.
When I first read the article entitled, "The First Video Game" I thought WOW! When the people picked up and read the Brookhaven Bulletin I imagine that a majority of them were shocked to hear that William Higinbotham may have created the first video game. I know I would have been happy if I had seen this.
Overall, these three earlier games are very different among themselves but similar in the respect that they are games. Many questions were going through my mind while I was reading because of how different the computers were, how large the discs were, and how basic the games were.

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