Juul's Emergence and Stylization Concept

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"Emergent narrative tends to be described very loosely as the player's experience of the game, or the stories that the players can tell about the game, or, perhaps, the stories that players can create using the game" (Juul 158-59).

When taking EL 150: Introduction to Literary Studies with Dr. Jerz, he required us to purchase the book called, "Essential Literary Terms" by Sharon Hamilton. This book is great because it offers explanations and exercises for many different terms in the English field. Since the dicussion question was referring to the narrative in a story I thought it would be useful to look up the term. According to Hamilton, "narration refers to the act of telling a story, whether in prose or in verse, and the means by which telling is accomplished" (Hamilton 112).

I noticed that there was a difference between the two terms because emergent narrative is described as being lose and the story depends on the player's game strategy. Whereas narration is a structure where the story is told in prose or verse.

Juul also offers an interesting term called "stylized simulations" which are "developed not just for fidelity to their source domain, but for aesthetic purposes. These are adaptations of elements of the real world" (Juul 172).

The use of stylization is important because it shows how video games contain concepts of the real world.

Thesis: The use of violence in video games can offer the option for humans to want to be copycats or how females in video games suggests how women can be empowering icons in society. When referring the term of stylization to video games, it is important to consider how video games can be a stimulating experience, show the importance of females, and also relate to the art of everyday life.

I believe it is important to consider video games as being "stylized simulations" because of how they relate to life and the art they provide.

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Do you think you could make the argument against Juul that games are not stylized or simulations? Is there a benefit of looking at the opposing view to his argument (even if you agree with him)?

The relation between stylized simulation and emergent narrative is a unique pairing - a simulation, by nature of not being reality, has certain limitations, whereas the emergent narrative has small limitations which lead to larger options and variables in the outcome - Can the two exist without the other?

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