New words for Effort!

Website entitled, Effort: Work and Fun with ''Adventure"

After learning two new words associated with effort (ergodic and fluidity) I thought how important it was to consider the concepts of work and fun while playing video games. The term fluidity connected with me, especially, because I always get so invovled with a game that I don't want to stop. Just as Leslie stated, "Get your IF juices flowing," is very true because once you started playing the text-based game you wanted to see what was next. I never knew that, "programs were written to run on terminals which would print out reams of folded paper." This is very interesting to me because imagine if you had to wait for your could be overwhelming! With more modern technology, being able to use your keyboard to enter commands is very important for instant satisfaction. Just as the blog is called, "Effort" it is true that in order to get the juices flowing you must put effort forth.
Just as the article states, "you must put effort into the game in order to receive the full effect," is true on all levels. If you don't put any work, effort, or fun into a game (or anything actually)then it's not a good experience.
>Produce fluidity
>You can, if you put effort into the game!
I thought this text game example would be interesting to think of. I have some questions about putting effort into the game though. Can fun be anything that you put effort into? My opinion is that anything can be fun as long as it keeps your attention and your working towards a goal.
Another question...Because text based adventure games require you to type what to do next, do you think it requires intellectual effort or just being able to type the right words?
These are just a few questions that I think will be good to start talking about Effort in video games. It would be great to get a large discussion going about this topic!

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