Newman and Juul - J-Web Essay #3


Thesis: Newman challenges the concept of primary-player-character relationships as being understanding and identifiable, but Juul suggests the idea of characters in a “game world” as unaware of being in a game and people who we know.

With this being said, Newman does not seem to believe that video game relationships can be personal and identifiable. On the other hand, Juul believes that we can relate with the characters by knowing them or because they are real life people in a simulated environment. The difference between these two authors is that characters are either personalized and life-like or depersonalized and non-livings objects in which a video game lets the player decide the relationship. This concept is somewhat difficult to understand, but can be seen within video games. Many video games consist of characters that are in real-life and people who we can relate to and this shows us how primary-character relationships can be formed. When a character is not life-like there is not a character relationship formed, but only a limited amount of emotions.


After finishing my blog about this J-Web essay I realized that we had very similar thoughts. It was interesting how Newman and Juul took positions on opposite sides of the spectrum. I was really partial to the idea of primary player-character relationships. Do you think that if you are partial to a certain genre perhaps you find it more reasonable to adopt that type of relationship?

Thanks for commenting! I think your question is very good to consider. If someone is partial to a certain genre then they may have that type of relationship. I would be very interested to see a poll or some research that showed whether or not this question was true. I think it would be interesting to hear what the other classmates have to say about this also. Good question Brandon!

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