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Quote: "I know. It's going to be tough. That's why we need a plan. Here's the plan: no one attacks anyone but Donny. He'll get frustrated and give up." "Attack him even if he's on your team?" "Especially if he's on your team, because he won't be expecting it. Shoot him and blame fog of war. Faulty communications gear. Poor command and control. Stuff like that. But make sure you shoot him before he gets to any of the fun parts. Got it?" (Shoot Club: Saving Private Donny website)

This new games journalism article was very interesting to me because of how it was structured and similar to a story. The use of a story structure compared to a traditional critic game review is much more interesting and enjoyable to read. The extended quote from the article is very interesting not only because of the structure, but because it is using discouraging video game techniques to help someone. This game review is unlike any others that I have seen because of how life-like it is.
Everyone is trying to tell Donny that war and military is something that is unexpected. They are using a video game which is very interesting also. I think it is important to use a video game to dissuade someone from wanting to go to the army or just to understand that you never know what can happen once being on the battle field. This can be seen with greater detail with this quote, “this is what war is like. It's total chaos. You never know when you're going to get shot or who's going to shoot you. It's all very confusing.” It is important to analyze this quote because it shows how the video game made Donny think about how army life is.
After reading a new games journalism article I experienced a new world of writing that I have never seen or read before. It was written as a story, but used a video game as a focus point for persuading someone. This article was not only an excellent game review, but a new experience for me.

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I did find that interesting, using a video game in order to educate someone about something that occurs in real life. It certainly is an interesting concept, and I'm sure that it could be used effectively. By understanding exactly what could possibly happen in a game helps you sometimes take a step back and imagine what it might honestly be like in real life.

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