Participation Portfolio 3 - Gaming and Me!

This is the last portfolio for MWG: Video Game Culture and Theory and covers many important concepts that I have learned since portfolio 2. After reading Newman’s article called, "The Myth of the Ergodic Videogame'' I learned how on-lookers can have the same pleasure that the actual gamer does. My reflection called, “Character Relationships (Newman)" correlates with Ashley and Zach’s blog entries because of the same ideas we had for this concept. The Presubmission Report and Ex 4: Article Analysis assignments went hand-in-hand, to say, because of how important they were for my research paper. With the completion of “Ex 4” I was able to find and analyze academic articles in a better way because I understood what to look for. For example, finding the thesis, opposing and supporting ideas, and also how the article differs from my experience with traditional and NGJ reviews were some learned concepts.
The recent computer game called “Fatworld” was released and I was able to play it and express my initial opinions. “The Video Game” allowed me to compose a claim (thesis) that was able to be discussed and be debatable among my classmates. This was made possible after finishing the Persuasive Games book by Bogost because he explained different elements in a video game such as procedural rhetoric, values, and artistic expression. I had never heard about the term procedural rhetoric before reading this book and found it to be a very interesting term. In my blog entry called, “Procedural Rhetoric and Maintaining Order” I describe how important it is that video games contain a procedure or method for the player to follow.
After reading the detailed and informative “comment” made by Dr. Jerz about my “Presubmission Report” I realized that I needed to focus on some of my writing skills. This included SHOWING instead of TELLING when describing a research study or stating my opinion, using more specific wording, and also use scholarly quotes to back up my opinion. After completing this assignment and reviewing the feedback I was now able to compose my blog for Dr. Jerz’s "review" of Fatworld. Now knowing my feedback I was able to think of questions that the class could consider when playing or reviewing the game. Within my blog entry, “Fatworld - Interesting Game” Darrell commented about some of my questions and he was able to think of some ideas that arose while playing the game.
After reading the second half of Persuasive Games I was able to apply the learned concepts with a comparison between “Turok and Bogost.” This was important because it sparked discussion and I was able to list my connections between the text and video games. The last section of the book was interesting to me because of the chapter about “Religion and Values.” I compared literature with video games and how morality plays an important role. My “Annotated Bibliography” and “Class Presentation” were easier to compose together because of how each assignment related to each other. Most of my sources from my bibilography were able to be used in my class presentation because I understood what each source consisted of and how they could relate to my research paper.
The last part of Persuasive Games let me learn new concepts about “determinability”, “English,” and “Traditions.” My new experience with text-based games and these learned ideas were very important to me because I was able to connect everything I learned during the course. I would like to finally say that I have enjoyed reading everyone’s blog entries and their comments to me and I hope they feel the same. Now that the class is coming to a close I have completed all blog entries, reflections and assignments for this course that were listed on the “Outline.” Blogging is a great learning tool that lets classmates, like us, interact in a virtual classroom environment and I wish everyone best of luck in your future endeavors!

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