Personality, Emotion, and Character in Games?


"Games have the capability to sit on the shelf next to all other communications media. They are capable of art. They are capable of portraying the human condition. They are teching tools. They carry socially redeeming content. They elicit emotion" (Koster 184).

This quote explains what games can offer a human. Its true because just think about when your playing a video game. Usually you get invovled within the game to the point that you don't want to put it down. I can definitely agree to that! Koster offers a wide variety of information within his book, "A Theory of Fun for Game Design." The illustration that is shown on page 185 really puts this quote into perspective. The joystick is on the left followed by the movie reel, Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, and then a guitar. If you were to see these items on someone's shelf you would probably think this person likes to play video games, watch movies, read, and play the guitar. I think that this quote pin-points how important video games are compared with all other media.
I'm interested in what the other classmates have to say about this. Would you agree with me? Disagree? Or even offer another intrepretation of this quote? Overall, this book had a lot to offer about the gaming world.


I definatly agree. Games are a part of life, whether its video or real life. They are how you learn to communicate with others, coroperate with others, and work with others. I mean other then 1-player games which usually now and days have a online interactive part.
You can get so into video games that you don't sleep for hours or even eat.

I never thought about the interactive section of the video game. This is a very good idea because it allows you to play the video game and then complete the other section online. I also agree with you about getting invovled with video games because I recently bought Guitar Hero 3 and I played it for five hours one day. Video games can become addicting sometimes.

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