Procedural Rhetoric and Maintaining Order!

Quote: "While we often think that rules always limit behavior, the imposition of constraints also creates expression" (Bogost 7).

The beginning of "Persuasive Games" has been a very interesting read, but somewhat difficult at the same time. I think that Bogost offers the reader many ideas about procedures and rhetoric. I particularly liked this quote because of how true it is. For example, the rules in video games only make the player be creative and express thereselves by finding alternate ways or correct ways to win the level. I think that Bogost incorporates everything that we have learned so far this semster and prepares us for our research paper. I also found the "Eliza" program to be very interesting because it simply re-formulates the questions that the person inputs. This is all based on procedures and how the program works. I have really enjoyed reading this book so far and look forward to finishing it.

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