Reseach Paper - Gender and Video Games

Hi Class! I began thinking about what should my topic be for my research paper and I thought about my blog entry called, "The Role of Women in Video Games." I was amazed at how much discussion this topic sparked and how important it is when referring to video games. After pondering over the idea I thought I would ask Dr. Jerz's opinion and he thought it would be a great idea. I believe that my topic is going to focus on gender in video games. (Mostly the female role). Dr. Jerz provided me with a couple links that focus on this specific topic.

The first website was called "Women Gamers" and I found a lot of interesting information on it. After looking through some of the forums I came across a title called, "Digital Women Review: Final Fantasy 7 Women." This on-going discussion was important to consider because it shows how the women in the Final Fantasy games are strong and compared it to Lara Croft. This relates to a lot of discussion we have been doing in class. After reading through another website called, "grrlgamer" I thought this is an important topic to investigate because of how many debates and articles it produced. This website listed a forum that showed how video games have sterotypes for specific gender's.

Another website called "Digital Games" provided a lot of articles. The first article I found was called, "From Barbie to Mortal Kombat: Gender and Computer Games." This article is a book review that shows how there are stereotypes in video games. The next article was called, "Women, Video Gaming & Learning: Beyond Stereotypes" and it shows how gender is a "problematic issue in video games." While continuing to research I came across another article called, "She Got Game" that shows how women have contributed to video games.

This topic seems to be a growing argument and is something that would be interesting to explore and learn much more information about. I would welcome any comments, information, or links to any articles or websites that would help me develop the start of my research paper.

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