Simulations and Movies

Movies have the ability to focus on certain topics such as simulations and alternate realities. “The Matrix” is a movie that uses computer generated simulations and graphics to fulfill specific scenes. Many of the actions made by the characters are not able to be performed in real life. The use of movies is similar to video games because of the graphics and simulations that are produced. Another movie that I watched was, “It’s a wonderful life” and I noticed how different it is compared to “The Matrix.” The use of alternate reality is prevalent and shows what life would be like without the main character.
An important scene that I noticed in “The Matrix” was when Trinity was in the phone booth. This was so interesting to me because in order to go back to her real body she had to get to a phone. This type of simulation can be seen within the video game also. “It’s a wonderful life” can be used as a contrast to “The Matrix” because there is no computer generated scenes or simulations. The use of alternate reality is very important in the movie because George Bailey encounters his guardian angel Clarence who takes him through time. The use of religion, alternate reality, and real life is used to show what life would be like without George.
I think it is important to watch these two movies because of the difference in movie production, time period, and graphics. “The Matrix” uses simulations and amazing scenes to describe a different world whereas “It’s a wonderful life” uses alternate reality to show how important someone is. These movies can also be compared to the theories of video games.


This picture is from "It's a wonderful life" and shows how important George was to his family

This picture is from "The Matrix" and shows how Trinity uses the phone to get back to her real life