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The article entitled, “Shade” by Douglass was a very interesting dissertation because it gave many in-depth ideas about the game. Brandon's blog entry entitled, "Douglass on Shade" uses many useful ideas about not being able to find the tickets and about how the game resembles the dying protagonist. The ability to continue going back and playing the game was an underlying choice that many people had.
In my blog entry I talk about how lightness and darkness was a key concept in the game based on Douglass’ article. By reading Brandon’s blog I had learned how the game could be a never ending adventure unless using the right words. I had not thought about it this way until reading his sentence that states, “Rather it took a more intuitive route in order to reach the solution.” This is an interesting way to think about winning the game because you must use specific phrases in order to continue in the game.
After reading Brandon’s blog entry I thought this is a very good way to play the game. Every player must use there own specific route in finishing the game. The use of light and dark in the game is also important because it allows the player to learn some history about the author.

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