The Final Death...

Quote: "Shade is a work of light, as a narrative and as a game. As a narrative, it tells a story of enlightenment - in this case, realizing the traveler’s own death and understanding the traveler’s complicity in causing it. As a game, it is a simulation defined by vision and perception" (Douglass 132).

I found this quote very mind-boggling because of the argument between light and dark. I never thought of the game as a world between light and dark or life and death. This is understandable within the apartment because you must stay in the light in order to keep alive. In order to go to the bathroom and bedroom you must first type "hallway" because it is lighted. Just as Douglass notes, the apartment is one entire room. This article was very interesting to read because on page 139 Douglass talks about frustration and how it's hard to find the tickets. This is just like in real-life because when you can't find something you search everywhere until you do. The best part of this game is that we don't know where the tickets are nor can we recall our last events. Its a search from the beginning.
A quick note about art and video games is important to have because the apartment is art in itself. The art of light and dark and also being able to find the tickets is a goal. The only reason why things seem natural to us is because we have had experience with that thing. Just like in "Shade" trying to find the tickets can be a natural event where we could misplace them or lose them. Overall, the art of the game can be in any genre that we enjoy.

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