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Interactive Fiction games can be addicting some times because of how detailed some of them are. Galatea allowed the player to use more specific phrases such as “Ask about something” and “Tell about something.” With the ability to use these types of phrases I could continue with a longer conversation. After playing the game for about ten minutes I began to think how long can this continue? Nancy Fry listed some specific questions to ask in the game that I had not thought of.
These questions included her eyes, her fear of the drill, gods, and secrets which I had not thought about during my conversation. After reading her blog entry I began to think what would the game be like with two players. The ability to use two minds in a game like this would be great because I think the conversation time could double. After reading Dr. Jerz’s comment I could not believe that there were 40 endings to this game. This game reminded me of something that could be turned into a movie because of how many options the player has.
Nancy’s blog entry and Dr. Jerz’s comment allowed me to think about different game possibilities. The ability to use two people, creating the game into a movie, and learning the history of Galatea were ideas that I had not thought about before. This blog entry had leaded me to think of how long would it take to complete all 40 endings or come to a satisfying conclusion.

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Nancy's Blog Entry entitled, "Interactive Fiction-Galatea":

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