The Rules are Pre-Programmed - Reflection

The first half of “Half-real” by Jesper Juul is very informative and allows the reader to learn about topics that are in video games. I thought the most important section was about rules and why video games have them. After reading Ashley Farmer’s blog entry called “Rules rule the game” I learned some important facts that I had not thought about before.
The first important topic that I thought Juul made was about the classic game model. Juul lists six specific items that video games should contain in order to be considered a game. While completing the J-Web exercises I compared the video game “Turok” to these six items. All of these specific items seem to be found within my example and that makes it a video game.
When thinking about the quote that Ashley used I thought, “This is exactly true about rules.” Her quote made me think why video games have rules in the first place and how important they are. Rules are designed to let the player put effort into the game and overcome specific challenges. This can be compared to completing small writing tasks in order to compose a research paper. You must put effort into the prelimary assignments in order to overcome the challenge of writing the final research paper. I never thought about the term “ingenuity” that Ashley used, but it works perfect. The player must be creative in order to overcome the challenges in the video game.
It is then important to consider that the player must try to win because if they don’t then there is no point in playing the video game. Ashley’s blog entry let me think about rules in video games as being productive and important, instead of just hindering the player from wining. The player needs to use their imagination and personal strategies in order to win the game.

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