The Video Game - "Fatworld"

Claim: The game "Fatworld" contains issuses about weight and managing a good lifestyle, but learning the difficult game elements and slow simulations make the player feel bored, frustrated, and a sense of not putting effort forth.

This game was very basic to me and was not very interactive. As I was playing I thought that the game was slow and did not allow the player to move quickly. My thesis or claim statement expresses how I "see" the game. The long tutorial elements and slow simulations are not something that I want to see in a video game. Juul states, "Rules are designed to be above disucussion in the sense that a specific rule should be sufficiently clear that palyers can agree about how to use it" (Juul 55). I applied this quote to the game because the directions did not seem particularly easy to follow and some of the rules could be challenged. One rule that I thought would make the game better was when your character had to complete the tasks on the menu panel. I thought the game would be similar to "The Sims" in the sense that you could buy a house, buy grocerys, eat what you wanted and much more without having rules or directions.

When I was designing my character it started out with an 80 year old man who was extremely obese. I laughed and changed the age to about 40 and his weight to obese. I began to think that the game seemed very basic and did not challenge me. The controls were frustrating and everything I wanted to do was another button. After about 5 minutes I felt comfortable with the controls, but still felt like the game was not providing enough for me.

Koster's stated, "It's clear that players tend to prefer certain types of games in ways that seem to correspond to their personalities" (Koster 104). I agree with this quote because "Fatworld" did not correspond with my preference of games. I think that this game would be great for younger kids because it would teach values and also how to live a good lifestyle.

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