Time and Projection in Video Games


Quote: Projection means that the player's time and actions are projected onto the game world where they take on a fictional meaning" (Juul 143).

The reason why I picked this quote is because it shows how time and actions in games can be different than the real world. I really liked the game that Juul's picked because "The Sims" is a great example of having the ability to speed up or slow down time with a click of a button. By cicking the time button this could be a form of effort? Just as Juul notes on figure 4.12 (page 144): "Building a power plan in a few seconds." The ability to create a powerplant, road system, or town in just seconds is part of the fictional world. When comparing video game time to real-life time there is a major difference because time in video games is infinite whereas life has deadlines.

Juul also makes a very interesting point about "time and historical places." In a video game the player can create a war scene or build a town in under a few mintues. On the other hand, in real life this may take several hours or years. It is interesting to think about how video games can relate to real life and how quick things can happen. When referring this type of technology to modern day advancements it is important to think about, "What if video games could help humans study events in history?" This is an important question to consider because there are video games for almost anything in today's modern world. Juul makes a lot of interesting points about rules, fiction, and games throughout the book. I really enjoyed reading this book and found it to be very interesting and informative.


Hey Derek.
I used an idea from your blog in my own. Here's the link: http://blogs.setonhill.edu/BrandonGnesda/2008/01/juul_halfreal.html.

I asked the question of whether or not the idea behind "speeding things up" is beneficial to games. I myself feel that it sort of skips the tedium of activities in order to allow the user to experience the fun parts. I'd love to here your opinion!

My comment and opinion for Brandon's comment: Juul, Half-real

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