Traditions and Values - Reflection (Bogost 3)

After finishing the last section of Persuasive Games I learned a lot of information about “Values and Aspirations.” It was amazing to see how this category was broken into many parts which included “Consumption” to “Values of Work” and “Morality and Faith.” In my blog entry called “Religion and Values” I analyze the quote on page 282 that states, “Issues of morality in videogames are more often found in newspaper headlines than in game mechanics” (Bogost 282). This quote seemed very true to me because video games usually do not use morality as a key concept.
Many video games contain morality through choosing different options in the game. For example, if you choose one doorway in a video game instead of the other then there may be a different outcome. On the other hand, Bogost uses examples such as Bible Buffet and Sunday Funday to show that some games are focused around religion. I never knew that there were these types of games in the market, but I think it is great because it can be a wonderful teaching tool. The video game example Bible Buffet could be great in Sunday school because it could let the children learn Bible trivia. This is just a suggestion because I have never played the game and do not know what is involved with it.
Video games contain many values whether they are seen through procedures or visual graphics. The use of religion in video games is great because it shows that game designers are trying to include many options for the player to relate to. It will be interesting to see how future generations interpret the values in current video games.

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