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I always liked the video game "Turok." I think that this game is very interactive and fun. This game uses visual and digital rhetoric because of how the character has to win the level. The game makes the character find key items and sections of the level. For example, the character has to find better weapons as the game progresses. This is the visual aspect, but incorporates much detail rhetoric. This games uses a lot of violence because the character must shoot all of the animals or enemies in order to continue in the game. I believe that this game uses procedural programming by making the player complete all of these so called "tasks" before winning the level. This is just a basic review of Turok, but I would enjoy to hear comments from classmates that played this game before.

Do you think that "Turok" uses procedurality and rhetoric? And what other ways is the game "Turok" related to Bogost?


Turok is a fantastic game, in fact the release of the "new" Turok is coming soon on the major consoles, i.e. xbox 360 and ps3. I agree with your observation of Turok being a procedural game. I remember playing the game years ago in search of the specific objects needed to move on and the frustration that would occur whenever I would reach the end of the navigable land and be unable to move on due to my inability to find one of the objects. I'm interested to see if the new game follows the same procedural format.

I am so glad that you had the same feelings toward the game as I did. I also found it to be specifcally procedural when it came to finding the objects because you had to be creative and find everything based on walking around. I did not know that a new "Turok" was being released for the new consoles. I can't wait to play that!! After reading your comment I went onto GameSpot to find the trailer for the new game, Turok. It looks like it will be a fun action-adventure game!

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