Video Games and Fun

Quote: “The brain is hardwired for facial recognition, just as it is hardwired for language, because faces are incredibly important to how human society works” (Koster 16).

Ralph Koster’s, “A Theory of Fun” is a very educational textbook when studying and learning about the theories of video games. The first five chapters contain a lot of useful information that talks about the educational value, having fun, and playing games. One particular chapter I thought was very interesting was chapter two because it describes how the brain works. I always enjoy reading the psychology side of any issue because it allows you to think in a specific manner.
The quote that I chose was very interesting to me because it describes how the brain and facial features correlate with human society. This can be referred to with video games also because most of the characters have a face and we can relate the faces with authority or enemy figure status. After reading the NGJ and Gamespot review about Metal Gear Solid 2 I was able to make the connection that the brain uses human features to distinguish what and who the person is. I also enjoyed the illustrations on every other page because after you read you were able to study the pictures and connect them with the reading.
I think that this book is very good to study because it allows you to not only learn information about theory, fun and games, but also to think about illustrations and how they connect with the literature. I am excited to finish this book and learn more about games and fun.

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