Video Games and Movies, What a Great Combination! - Reflection

After finishing Laurel’s, “Utopian Entrepreneur” I noticed that I had to go back and review what I read several times. I think this is mostly because of the style that she writes in. When reading Ashley Farmer’s blog entry called, “Transmedia Culture” I learned a lot of information about video games and movies. She used the quote about “…the transmedia process has thus far consisted of repurposing content from one medium for another.” I had not noticed a connection while reading before, but since Ashley pin-pointed its meaning I now have.
It is true that everything in today’s world is on the internet in one shape or form. It is amazing how if you want to buy a TV you can just go on the internet, buy one, and then have it shipped to your house (on a side note, this is a great way to save gas). After thinking about the internet and everyday life, I thought about video games and movies and noticed a connection.
I always loved to play the video games called “Final Fantasy” because of how addicting and detailed they were. There were many sequels to the games and they have developed in a phenomenon that thousands of people enjoy to play. After several of the games were released they produced a movie about the game. I remember that I couldn’t wait for it to come to the movie theaters because of how much I liked the games. This is one example that shows how a video game with several sequels can turn into a movie. It is interesting to think that many movies are produced into video games or the other way around.
Ashley’s blog entry let me think about transmedia in a different way than when I was reading the text. I think that it is amazing how the “Final Fantasy” productions used so many forms of technology. For example, they started with a video game that turned into a movie production with computer generated graphics. The use of transmedia has allowed any media to reproduce itself in a different form.

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