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The first forum was about Culture and Theory questions and Dr. Jerz stated: As a white male professor, with a stay-at-home wife who homeschools our two kids, what lenses might affect my attitude towards video games (and towards education in general)?

My answer was: A response to Dr. Jerz's lense could be that him and his wife are both education professors. This could affect there attitudes towards video games compared to someone who isn't a teacher. My own lense would be that I am a white male college student who is earning his undergraduate degree in English-Literature with certification in elementary and special education. My environment around me is country land and I live on a farm.

My first comment was by Dr. Jerz which stated: Okay, Derek, your rural environment and your special education focus are part of your world veiw that I don't share, even though we have other things in common. Education is a big theme in the readings we'll be looking at, so I'm hoping that you'll be able to draw on your education training to help provide some insight that your classmates and I woudn't ordinarily get.

My response back was: I am looking forward to gaining information about the education field. I always like when I can relate my education classes with my English classes.

Darrell also stated a comment: Do you feel that because you live on a farm that you would view video games as a less important aspect of life because there is so much physical work that needs to be done on a daily basis on the farm? Or do you look at video games as an escape from the work at the end of the day?

My response back was: Hi Darrell! It's nice to talk to you and thank you for writing on my forum! I think that is one reason because there is always so much work to be done. Especially in the summer time because the fields have to be tended too and maintaining a nice looking farm requires a lot of dedication. On the other hand, I think it's a little bit of both though because I like to play video games at the end of the day when I have finished everything and I don't have a lot on my mind.


The second forum topic was: One of the J-Web exercises asks you to write a few brief essays about your attitude towards video games, such as listing a few things that are more important to you than video games, and things that are less important to you than video games.

My response was: I enjoy playing video games, but there are more important things to me. This would include listening to music, reading sports car magazines, or browsing the internet. These things are fun for me to do when I'm not at college or doing homework. There are things that are less important to me than video games and one of them is watching television because most of the information and media is on the internet. I enjoy watching current DVD's as much as playing video games. On the other hand, computer games fit into my life a little. I play a few games here and there such as "The Sims" or even "Who wants to be a Millionaire." My family and I sometimes all play a video game together depending if its a multi-player or not. One example I used in my essay was Guitar Hero for Playstation 2. Everyone seems to enjoy this game. My grandparents don't seem to enjoy kids or adults playing video games, but I believe that is because they grew up in a different generation and never had the experience of playing a video game. Most of the people close to me have a positive attitude towards video games.

Dr. Jerz commented and stated: What games do you and your family play together? Do you also watch TV together, or enjoy interests such as racing?

Yes, Guitar Hero is quite a phenomenon. Makes you wonder why they didn't do that sort of thing years ago.... what with sports games and now rock concert games, these recent titles aren't so much simulating what it's like to be in a sport or be in a band, they're simulating what it's like to be in a televised event (that includes Millionaire, too).

So it's interesting to me that you've included TV in this analysis.

My response back was: My family and I usually play guitar hero or racing games together. My nephew loves to play guitar hero with me. (He is only 9 years old). My family and I usually watch TV together when we get a chance, but since our lives are so busy we usually watch whatever we want in different rooms. When we have family dinner together we will watch a movie or program on TV after dinner. We enjoy going to the races, derby's, and sporting events too. Overall, we don't watch a lot of TV programs, but usually movies or something like that. I agree that rock concerts and sports games are much more fun to be at, but I never thought of it as simulating what it's like to be in a televised event. I agree though!

These are the introduction forums to the class.

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