We found the Cave - Reflection

After reading the article entitled “Somewhere Nearby Is Colossal Cave” I learned a lot of information not only about the cave, but about the game. It was amazing seeing the real cave with actual pictures after playing the game. This is because you were able to put the pieces of the game with the information provided from the real cave adventure. Brandon Gnesda’s blog entry entitled, Jerz, "Somewhere Nearby Is Colossal Cave" let me think about looking at the game through a lense and also using your preference and experience’s to help you play the game.
The ability to distinguish the difference of your lense before and after reading the article about the real cave adventure is very important. While playing the game without any information I thought this is fun and let it at that. After reading the article I had an entirely different perception about the game. This included the history of the cave, what inspired Crowther to invent a game like this, and being able to look real-life pictures. All of these factors were not thought of until reading the article by Dr. Jerz.
Brandon’s blog entry allowed me to think of the game not only through a mirror, but through a lense. I had not thought about this before and am glad that he mentioned this. It allows the player to think of the game in a different aspect because of knowing the history of the author and game.

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