What an Apartment!

Text: "Clean"

Response:" The vaccum cleaner won't work usefully in the closet. Come to think of it, as with a hangover, dehydration is probably the problem. Your mouth is dry wool."

This text-based game was very interactive and the responses were very interesting. The example that I listed above explains what happens when you type "clean." I actually started to laugh because it incorporated a hangover within the text (That was funny). This game was created with excellence because I had a hard time finding things to say.
Has anyone found any good words to use? Were you able to leave the apartment?
These are some questions that I would be interested if anyone has any ideas. I had a difficult time finding the specific words to use. For example, when I typed drink water the computer responsed by saying, "Which do you mean, the water from the bathroom sink, the water from the shower, or the water from the kitchen sink." This was very interesting because you can't say the wrong thing because the computer will say, "You can't say any such thing."

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