What are Ergodic Videogames?


Qoute: "A more fruitful way of conceiving the question is to consider how much time we spend actually in non-trivial action when "playing" a videogame" (Game Studies Website).

This quote is a true statement because a lot of video games consist of beginning commericals and introductions along with after each level media. It is important to think that a lot of video games consist of non-playing time. Do you agree that video games include a lot of sit and watch graphics? I think this is important in a game because after you finish a level you want there to be a so-called "gift" or "reward" for completing the level.

On a personal note, I remember playing StarFox 64 and it was a lot of fun. If I can remember correctly the character was like similiar to a fox? I always thought it was a fun game to play with a lot of graphics.

For example, when your just watching someone play a videogame don't you become so into the game that when the player makes a mistake you say, "Oh darn! Here let me try." A lot of pleasure can develop just by watching someone play the video game because of the interactivity and fun.

Thesis: Although video games offer "onlookers" the pleasure of watching someone play a video game, having fun, and also developing a sequence for winning they suggest that having a lot of movies and graphics can be non-ergodicity.

Does this thesis statement seem true while playing video games while friends or family are watching?


I think that cut scenes and movies are more ergodic than you may realize. The fact that we even mention that many games have cut scenes and movies illustrates that point. The order in which the scenes happen is going to be different for each game, but I cannot name a modern game that does not include a cut scene after reaching some milestone.

Hi Darrell! I also agree with you because I cannot think of a video game that does not include cut scenes and movies. Would we consider text-based games (IF) to be ergodic also?

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