What should a Video Game contain?


Quote: "Our goal was to explore relationships bewteen landscape, stories, and play" (Laurel 76).

Doesn't this quote seem to explain the purpose of a lot of video games. Just think about the movie industry and how many video games are derived from them. Also take for example "Colossal Cave Adventure" and Dr. Jerzs' adventure in real life. it's amazing how video games incorporate the current wonders of the world. After finishing Utopian Entrepreneur I thought I learned a lot of information. I found the design principles to be very interesting because all of the factors that Laurel presents are not in video games.

What about this quote: "Culture workers will change both the technology and the ethos of computing" (Laurel 101). It seems very true because it is important to include the values of society in video games and use research as means for learning. Everything that Laurel talked about in her book made sense to me and I understood what she meant. There was no technical wording or specific code that had to be looked up, it was just informative and truthful information.
I also really enjoyed reading the section about virtual reality. I think that VR is amazing and how we, the players, have the ability to access it in a video game. Doesn't everyone want to drive a race car or fly a plane? Or anything that can be simulated on a game? I bet the answer is yes! Without virutal reality people wouldn't be able to understand what it is like to do some tasks or jobs. It is amazing how far the video game industry has come over the last several years.


Virtual Reality? That is going to the the future of video games. They already have the goggles/glasses that basically gives you a tv anywhere you are. Soon enough there will be At-home virtual reality systems where we will be stimulating flying a Stealth Bomber. As fast as we are advancing in technology I would not be surprised if the world we see today is entirely different in 10 years.

Virtual Reality is only about playing games though. It is about imagination and you be able to imagine like you are really flying that plane. Games give kids hope and maybe even information on what future jobs may hold for them. A new fad lately has been games that hold jobs for instance Sims Pets (You a vet), race car games, and Cooking Mama (Your a chef). This games may not be educational but it gives young kids an interactive way of learning what they want to be when they grow up.

I agree with Ashely that virtuality is going to be something special in the near future. I hope that it will get to the point where the room your in can be the game, that you actually playing it without having googles or some sort of headset. Look at how the military trains, they use virtual reality all the time. But with what Derek said about the quote he used, yes, it does explain the purpose of a lot of video games

Ashley, wouldn't it be cool if you had a simulated TV room where you could fly a Stealth Bomber. I believe something like this is in the near future. With the way technology is changing I think, for instance, cars will be driving on there own in 10 years. Take for example, Lexus which developed the button that you press and the car parallel parks on its own. It's amazing when you see it!

I enjoy thinking about games as a teaching tool. I think it is very important for kids to develop ideas about what they want to be when they get older. You have provided a few examples that show this.

Zach, before reading your comment I thought the exact thing. Wouldn't it be awesome for the room to be the game!? Just think if everything you did such as movement was part of the game. Pretty cool and I think it will be here in the near future.

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