A Paradox of the Unknown...


The word I was not familiar with: "Beauty is truth, and truth is beauty in the ideal world of the absolute. According to this interpretation, what seems to be a paradox, the oneness of beauty and truth, is not a paradox" (Austin 49).

Definition of a paradox according to Hamilton, " is a trope in which a statement that appears on the surface to be contradictory or impossible turns out to express an often striking truth" (Hamilton 56).

Austin uses an interesting example, but we, as the reader, later find out that it is not a paradox. I was unsure of the word "paradox" so I looked it up and listed the definition above.

An interesting statement could be, "Adam and Eve were eternal, but when they ate the sinful apple in the Garden of Eden then their eternal gift was taken from them."

The previous sentence expresses how two people went against a rule and they were punished in the end by not having eternal life.

If anyone else has any examples of paradox statements, please feel free to post?

Course web page devoted to Hamilton: Click here


Jenna, I must say though some of these terms make me wonder how they came about. The term you chose always make me stop and think about whether the statement is really true both ways. I suppose maybe that's why they do exist. It makes you pause, also by repeating the same words over in a different order making those specific words be stressed more. So if you have some idea you really want the reader to pause at and contemplate, I guess this would be a good device to use.

Derek, I thought it is great that you chose a difficult word that many of us did not. After I found the sentence that I chose (which was very obvious) I stopped looking for other words that I may not have known. Although I knew the meaning of paradox, I'm glad you provided us with your explanation since most of us did not choose words from other texts we read.

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