Basilio to Caliban as Basilio to Babo = Basilio keeping his head!


So, a King of Poland to a servant of Prospero results in a King of Poland almost ending like Babo did.

"Although he curses himself for having supplied Prospero with assistance and guidance, Caliban freely offers the same services to the drunken butler whom he has chosen as his new master" (Rupp 4).

This quote reminded me of how Segismundo gave his father Basilio a second chance even though he was punished and tortured by him.

Just as Caliban is mad that he helped Prospero, Segismundo allows Basilio to live instead of resulting in a death like Babo.

I have related many stories together in this entry and I hoped I have passed along some understanding of how psychology can focus on one issue, but is related to many which can result in a blog consisting of intertextuality information.

In addition, take our history and connect it with human reason and doesn't it result in history repeating itself?

Shakespeare shows an audience how characters strive for something just as Segismundo strives for honor and power through torture and pain from Basilio.

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Yes, history does repeat itself. It is weird to think of this, especially in terms of the "monomyth" that Dr. Jerz keeps talking about. In that case, history always repeats itself. Weird.

I agree! History does repeat itself and I think that it is occurring now. This may be off topic, somewhat, but look at our economy and the stock market. It has tumbled more than 50% since last October.

History has a great way of telling people how our actions may seem different to us, but in reality it is only a different interpretation.

Derek, I think your connections between the two stories is important and your feelings towards history repeating itself is understandable. If we don't learn from the past we will continue to repeat it.

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