Do you understand Literature?


"'the real 'meaning' of literature results from the interaction of audience and work'" (Kessey 3).

The only way that I learn what an author's text is assumed to be is through discussion with other people. Our classroom discussion, for instance, helps each other connect ideas that we may be thinking about. The meaning of an author is how we read a piece of literature and interpret it.

We will, once again, never know exactly what an author has intended their literature to mean, but we can come to an understanding based on interaction.

There are different ways to understand a work and Keesey mentions "Author, Reality, Literature, and Audience" (3). These are ways to guide our mind into thinking of different possibilities of a work and then we can collaborate with other people to determine a possible meaning.

On the other hand, what we take from a piece of literature can open many reading possibilities for some people. If we are the "real meaning" of literature then we may read a poem and think of something opposite of what that author may have intended it to mean (we won't completely know what the other meant unless we were to talk to them).

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Goodness Greta! (Do you like the alliteration?) I also get a lot out of group discussion. That is why I really hate night classes. I have a very hard time teaching myself anything. Some people have an easy time reading something and picking it up but I need to be taught things, see it, and have people translate it several different ways before I can truly understand.

Ok so I just responded to Greta because I had a brain glitch. I think I'm going insane. That was a Divine entry Derek. (I was going for the same kind of alliteration.) I'm going to go respond to Greta's blog now. haha

I think the quote also means a person's personal connection to the work defines its meaning as well as in discussion groups. Even if we talked to the author, we would not necessarily know the true meaning of a work because the author may lie to cover up the true meaning.

Very interesting, Jenna!

You make a good point because an author may want to see what their works will mean to an audience. Now, taking into account, an author usually has an intent is their work, but I did not think that an authur may lie to keep the real true in mystery.

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