A Portrait of Survival: Azar Nafisi


I thought that the speech from Mrs. Nafisi was excellent and it deserves a continuing applause.

When she began her speech, I notated a quote from her that was "A book makes connections and puts you with the people you should be with." Would you agree?

Just think about going to a bookstore and where you navigate once you go inside. You move towards the books that are in your interest area and something that you want to read. This allows you to be with people that have similar interests, but, most importantly, it puts you with developing characters that let your mind escape from the problems of the world.

Mrs. Nafisi also added that "Living in isolation gives others knowledge of what happened" and I compared this to "Life is a Dream." I thought of Segismundo and how he was isolated from society because his father did not appreciate or want a son. In this case, Segismundo could not "give others knowledge" of what happened because he was secluded from the public or any members of society - excluding the servants. If he was let out, then he was told (drugged) that it was all a dream.

Lastly, Mrs. Nafisi made a great point about our current society and the events that are occurring with the economy. She stated "In order to learn a country, then you should start with its history - not the television." This is what is happening today! People throughout the United States are tuning into the television in order to capture the most important events of the day whether related to the economy or not. People need to not go to television because channels like Fox Business or CNN present a view from a Republican or Democratic Party, in most cases, and this can change or persuade a viewer. So, if you want to know when the stock market will try and reach a bottom or when our unemployment rate, currently at 8.1%, will begin to fall, then we need to study our history and the recessions that we previously have had. I know that this current recession is one that we had never experienced before because of the events that are occurring at our federal, local, and state government. We will make it through these hard times, but it is going to take time and time and history will only decide the outcome.

So "have a critical dialogue with the author" and try not to base your opinions off of our stereotypical society and television, but off of history and the author's intent or background.


At the beginning of the speech last night i picked up on the same quote you had above. I really enjoyed this speech, and am excited to pick up Dr. Nafisi's book "Republic of the Imagination". I was really inspired, and many of the points she made were the reasons i fell in love with reading in the first place. I love the fact that i can pick up a book, and not just learn about another culture, but be carried away to it.

JR - I really enjoyed the speech also!

I think I will also pick up her book and take it with me on vacation this summer. It will be very interesting to read now that we have heard from the author and some of her intent. I think that if all students were able to hear Dr. Nafisi, then they would appreciate the arts which include English, History, Art, and many more.

It is also interesting how a book can take anyone into another "world" and have them escape their current stress and/or problems.

Thanks for posting a reflection to my response!

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