Blog Portfolio 2 - A Wealth of Learned Critical Knowledge

Since the beginning of this semester, I have written all of my blogs in an early and timely manner. The first aspect of my second portfolio involves the play “Life is a Dream.” After viewing this play, I thought that it had Comedy and Fear = A Neutral Approach which made me realize how a formalist reading may not have the comedy that a realistic drama has. Apart from this play, we, my classmates and I, attended a lecture that presented A Portrait of Survival: Azar Nafisi. After watching the play, “Life is a Dream,” and attending the lecture by Dr. Nafisi, I asked the class Can you translate that for me? in relation to Keesey and how when language encounters difficultly when being translated from Spanish to English. In addition to the play, lecture, and Keesey essay, I thought that Sears explained how we, readers and critics, are presented with a play and text that offers limited freedom. As a result, I said that de propia voluntad es el unico forma and compared “Life is a Dream” to “The Yellow Wallpaper.” Both of these texts give insight into limited freedom and control from a male.

Moreover, I found Gilbert and Gubar’s essay to be intriguing and very informative, so I gave a class presentation on it. In a lot of literature, Male Control vs. Female Sanity is usually a focus point or avenue that a reader or critic can associate with. Not only was this blog entry very lengthy and detailed, but it sparked over ten comments and made my classmates question their initial reading of the text.

After studying the effects of control on literature and culture, a reader may wonder is history repeating itself and Literature which describes structuralism vs. post-structuralism. My classmates and I commented back and forth several times and came to the conclusion that history is a basis or structure that literature is formed off of. In other words, Don't Linger on the Past, but on the Future which Keesey thinks that too many authors do when writing literature.

Once we learned structuralism vs. post-structuralism, we began to discuss post-modernism vs. post-structuralism and how Derrida came to the Rescue. Derrida’s essay discusses how the “tools of the past” are essential in literature, but in order to develop new techniques or viewpoints, a reader (or critic) needs to focus and explain their thoughtful ideas while reading. After the new ideas are presented, then society or scholars can think of a text in a new way. In other words, if we continue to simply focus on the learned tools, then how can we create new methods or techniques in literature? On the same note, Wright’s essay used “Benito Cereno” and conducted a psychoanalysis reading on it. Once I saw Broccoli in Derrida's Essay, then I knew how Language Associated with Babo was an important topic to analyze.

After reading, discussing, and analyzing the previous techniques, such as structuralism, post-structuralism, and post-modernism, my literary criticism partner, Angela, and I thought that our term project would involve a psychoanalysis criticism on the “Dark Knight” and the three main characters which include, Batman, Harvey Dent, and The Joker. Angela and I have came up with a term project progress report that will be our road map for completing this project. If anyone has any questions, concerns, or ideas, please feel free to post them by clicking on the link above for the progress report.

As a result of these timely, active, enjoyable, and educational blogs, my classmates and I have written several comments supporting, or politely disagreeing, how each topic, whether psychological determinism or structuralism support our learning or the author’s essays. One of many examples that I have for my discussion section includes The Early Bird Gets the Worm because I talk about how the second mouse gets the cheese and both of these blogs discuss mimtic criticism in comparison to poetry. Mara said Give me Freedom and Ellen said Repetition makes the heart grow fonder and, in both of these blogs, I was the first to comment which lead the discussion from my classmates. Another example of great discussion happened when Bethany said Can’t I have it all! This entry not only said how literary criticism has many answers, but it showed us, readers, how literature has answers that are more right since they are supported by textual evidence. These are just a few examples that include great discussion and timeliness, I could go on for a long time, but due to time and limited blogging space, I will move onto xenoblogging since all of my blogs fit into the interaction, discussion, and timeliness categories.

An example of a comment grande would be shown in The Heart of Post-Structuralism: Aporia by Greta, and I related an outside URL, describing the evolution of language and words, in relation to post-structuralism by Eagleton. I would have to include my presentation as part of the comment informative because I have learned and taught a lot about literature, male authority, and the effects of a controlling human. In reference to the link gracious, when I read Katie’s blog called Clarin...Pulling a Melville in Disguise? I thought about my own blog and referenced it in my comment which lead to a detailed discussion.

Lastly, my wildcard entry would have to be Male control vs. Female insanity because it was search a wonderful topic, in relation to Gilbert and Gubar’s essay, and it fits every category that is required for the portfolio. My classmates, Dr. Jerz, and I talked about how issues of control lead to comparisons of other literature, videos, and objects. Also, my blog carnival involvement with An Abundance of Katherine's (The True Meaning) presents why/how the main character, Colin, dates girls only with the name Katherine. Historical criticism and the meaning of the name, Katherine, are described and explained while being supported by factual information from secondary websites.

On a side note, I completed an extra blog assignment, A Sense of Great Potential - Derek Nikitas, and described how he would make a great addition to the current English department on campus!

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