Comparing texts for the purpose of criticizing them

"Intertextuality has usefully directed attention to the relationship between texts: discourse moves us towards a clarification of just what kinds of relationship are invovled" (Barker 445).

Intertextuality is a very good linking tool. In other words, we can use two texts to compare similar or different issues. Barker italicized the word between to emphasize how it can be one tool that we can use. There are many other tools such as history and politics, but this is one critical technique.

In literature, many people, including myself, try to find "relationships" in order to analyze specific texts. It is these relationships that form our opinions and papers and help us to direct our thoughts towards a specific technique. When looking at The Tempest we can relate it to history and politics of the time, but intertextuality is a great way to describe how two texts are essential to use in order to convey a specific point.

What genre is The Tempest apart of? I bet you are thinking of a specific genre, but anyone could relate it to another genre.

So, could I politely say that The Tempest can be analyzed as a play of critical meaning that has no intertextual comparisons?

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