Term Project Progress Report

Hi All!

Listed below is the term project progress report for Angela and I.

What we’ve already done:

  • Created a project proposal
  • Watched Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Taken notes on this movie
  • Decided that The Dark Knight would be a better movie choice for this project
  • Watched The Dark Knight
  • Taken notes (of much higher quality) on this movie.
  • Formulated a contrasting abbreviated psychoanalysis of other comic book superheroes to prove why we chose to use Batman
1. Superman; 2. Spiderman; 3. Ironman
  • Discussed as a group where we plan on going with this project

What we plan on doing:

  • Compile our notes into a more organized jumble, specifically putting all the notes on each character’s psyche together
  • Decide what we have determined (from our notes) makes each character really act the way he does
  • Formulate an in-depth psychoanalysis on each character based off of the quotes and situations that caught our attention from the movie
  • Create the blog/webpage
  • Create the Facebook/Twitter accounts
  • Have the characters converse with each other by posting on each other’s walls or tweeting
  • Present what we did to the class

This is a proposed list that Anglea and myself have come up with. Some changes may occur along the way, only to improve th outcome, but this is the outline we plan to follow.

Good Luck Everyone and we look forward to hearing your term project proposals!

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